Aguardio_DBTAguardio_DBTAGDBTNo description
Blockchain and PrivacyBlockchain and PrivacyBLOCMilestones for Innonet IFFI project on Blockchain and Privacy.
CGLabCGLabCGGeneral project for Computer Graphics Lab specific repositories.
DiplSafeProtoDiplSafeProtoDIPNo description
GMKGMKGMKNo description
IBBD5IBBD5IBBDNo description
real-time 3d mapreal-time 3d mapRTTDMsmart city project.
SWISWISWIGeneral project for Software and Technology Lab specific repositories.
SynchroniCitySynchroniCitySINCITYNo description
TabooTabooTABAll the cool stuff: Neural Networks, Deep Learning and sensitive information!!!