Aguardio_DBTAguardio_DBTAGDBTNo description
Blockchain and PrivacyBlockchain and PrivacyBLOCMilestones for Innonet IFFI project on Blockchain and Privacy.
CGLabCGLabCGGeneral project for Computer Graphics Lab specific repositories.
Dansk for AlleDansk for AlleDFAPOffentligt repositorium over danske NLP komponenter
DiplSafeProtoDiplSafeProtoDIPNo description
GMKGMKGMKNo description
IBBD5IBBD5IBBDNo description
real-time 3d mapreal-time 3d mapRTTDMsmart city project.
SWISWISWIGeneral project for Software and Technology Lab specific repositories.
SynchroniCitySynchroniCitySINCITYNo description
TabooTabooTABAll the cool stuff: Neural Networks, Deep Learning and sensitive information!!!